North County's new place for makers and doers and dreamers and creators to live. Edgy, fun, inspiring, a little bit quirky, and above all else, it's home.


Find solitude when you need it and social outlets when you desire, a new place for makers and doers, dreamers and creators to live. It's an exciting time in North County where an unmistakable feeling of creativity flows all around.

isn't just a place to lay your head at night.

Persea sets itself apart by offering a specially curated resident experience; modern apartment homes, comfortable public amenities with attitude, and a keen attention to detail and
moments of delight.

Thrive in Vista,
Prosper at

Persea is a place where residents can enjoy the quintessential North County lifestyle, all within reach of a community they can call home. Vista is on the rise, with close proximity to art, beaches, and San Diego city life.